Life with Lunar Magic - working with the phases of the Moon

Each lunar cycle offers us the chance to set powerful intentions, push forward towards our goals, release emotions that aren’t serving us and to meditate and heal. When we understand this natural ebb and flow and apply it to our life, we’re tapping into an ancient rhythm – connecting to what’s happening above in the cosmos and below within ourselves.

Once we have this knowledge, we can work with it in our own way to help manage our emotions, our relationships and even our time! One of the incredible things it gives us is the opportunity to reflect and tap into our inner knowing, or intuition, which can help to guide our true path.

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My Life With Lunar Magic

My journey of working with the lunar cycle began a few years ago, although my interest in astrology began much earlier. I like to think I have always had my feet on the ground and my eyes on the cosmos!

Since a little girl I have found the moon to be an amazing spectacle, inspired by her luminous beauty. As I got older, I became fascinated by the lunar connection with intuition, emotion and the divine feminine. However, it wasn’t until I started to chart the moon cycle alongside my own emotions and energy levels that I really began to understand the magic of working with the lunar phases. I was astounded at how new moon and full moon energy really seemed to affect me!

My passion for learning about all things lunar has taken me on a fascinating journey. I now understand how to tune into the natural rhythm of the lunar cycle, so that even if things feel busy and hectic, there is time to honour self-care and connect to something bigger – the magic of the universe.

Moonolgy by Charlotte Lauren
Moonology with Charlotte Lauren

Tuning into the phases of the Moon

I can help you tune into the lunar cycle so you feel more in touch with your intuition and your authentic self. Combining my holistic knowledge of stress management, holistic therapy, life coaching and the lunar cycle, I offer a range of sessions designed to help you feel more empowered, confident and calm.

These sessions are a nourishing space to enjoy some relaxing lunar self-care and illuminating insights.

If you would like more information or to book, please get in touch.

My Facebook group also offers a supportive community of gorgeous folk who share a love for all things lunar – come join us.

Wishing you love and lunar light,

Charlotte x

Moonology Services

Lunar Magic Explore

In astrology the moon is known as the queen of emotion and is strongly associated with the divine feminine.

This intuitive session introduces you to the magic of working with the moon and is designed to give you some breathing space to tap into your intuition. Together we explore how the lunar cycle works, the current moon phase and how this might be impacting you. We also explore how you can work with the next new or full moon. Using my beautiful Moonology oracle cards we then draw three from my deck to help you reconnect to your intuition and provide space for reflection.

This is a reflective, relaxing introduction to working with the moon, and includes a short lunar summary follow up.

Please be aware this session is not about fortune telling or making predictions but creating a relaxing space to embrace your own intuition.

 Available as a 60 minute session via Zoom.


Moonology 1:1 

This session includes a special gift of six Lunar Magic wax melts. 

This is the perfect package for the astro-curious! Providing personal insights through the lens of moonology, it’s a true session of self-discovery and practical moon magic.

This reflective and empowering 1-1 includes:

A look at your birth chart and specifically how your sun sign, moon sign and ascendant (rising sign) work together.

An introduction to New Moon and Full Moon energy.

A personalised 12 month moon planner to take away. This looks at which areas of your life the full moons and new moons will be shining a light on over the next 12 months.

A reflective and relaxing Moonology oracle card reading to help you tune into your intuition.

Available as a 90 minute online session via Zoom.


Please be aware this 1:1 is not about fortune telling or making predictions but creating a relaxing space to embrace your own intuition and shine a light on your own lunar journey.

Gift Certificates Available for all sessions.

Moon Mentoring Programmes:

Working with the Lunar Cycle – a four week journey into harnessing the Magic of the Moon ( Group and 1:1)

Thrice yearly I run an online group course for a small circle of women to learn how to use the lunar cycle to create some powerful intentions and stay on track, while also nourishing self-care.

This friendly, relaxed setting will give you the tools to understand how to tune into the magic of the moon whenever and wherever you want to. It will also provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with other amazing women as we follow the lunar cycle together.

Maximum 6 participants:

Investment: £75 per person

My next group course will be running in January 2022. Please get in touch to register your interest.

This online course is also available on a 1:1 basis if you are wishing to work with a full lunar cycle to understand how it affects you personally and to give you the skills to work with each lunar phase. It includes a Moonology reading with birth chart insights.

Investment: £299

Please get in touch for further info.

Discover your Holistic Self with the Lunar Cycle – 1:1 Mentoring six week programme

If you are cosmically curious, feel like you have lost your sense of self and are struggling with confidence – this is the perfect package. Brimming with cosmic insights and a holistic approach it is designed to reconnect you to your unique gifts on a mind, body and spirit level so you can shine your brightest! 

In this online programme ( delivered via Zoom) we embark on a 6 week 1:1 journey tailored to you, working in sync with the lunar cycle. Together we will connect you to your inner Goddess and a sense of clarity and calm to help you move forward with intention, and the confidence to take a holistic approach to your own life.
During the programme we will:

Discover your unique gifts through the lens of your astrological birth chart.

Explore your Ayurvedic dosha and how you can interweave this knowledge into your everyday life.
Embrace step by step guidance into how to work with the lunar cycle, it’s phases and correspondences.
Tune into the moon phases relevant to your birth chart to help you move forward with intention.
The weekly sessions will be a combination of 60 and 90 mins with messenger support available in between sessions.
Investment: £595

My next availability for this six week online 1:1 programme will be starting at the end of September 2021 to follow the October/November Lunar Cycle.

Please be aware spaces are limited on this programme. If you would like more information please get in touch.  


Free Facebook Group – Life with Lunar Magic

I also offer a range of Facebook events in my free Facebook group for women ‘Life with Lunar Magic.’ This is the first place to hear about all my workshop dates so come and join us to be kept in the lunar loop! The group is a supportive, friendly community interested in self-care by the moon phases and a holistic approach to life. Together, we explore each new and full moon, essential oils, Ayurvedic approaches and much more. We’d love to welcome you! 

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My Availability:

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Please note – I only work with a small group of clients each month to ensure that you receive my fullest attention.

Therefore waiting times can for 1:1s can be up to 3 weeks, but I will do my best to accommodate you as soon as possible.

Booking and Payment

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